Could Iconomi revolutionize investing with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies ?

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You probably have been reading about it in a lot of news websites, or seen the ads (like me). Iconomi, a platform that plan to be dedicated to investing with cryptocurrencies was doing an ICO to get funding. ICO stands for “Initial Coin Offering” is basically like issuing a stock, except that it’s not listed officially on the stock market but will be traded freely on cryptocurrencies exchanges. What is impressive is the hype around their idea of being the “Uber” of investing/finance.  They also have plans to be an Ethereum online wallet like Coinbase but what’s interesting is that they’ll try to act like an investment company. Basically you’ll be able to put money into one their index and grow it as they manage it (hopefully well). And it seems that investors have been greatly convinced as the raised funds amount to ~10 500 000$, which means that it’s one of the most successful crowdfunding in History (congrats on that). They have notably been the subject of a Forbes article.
I was really skeptical at first because it does really sound like scams we’ve seen around like the big mess that was Paycoin, but it seems that Iconomi isn’t going the same way. First, they’ll let their coin be traded freely without false promise of guaranteeing a “price floor”, good thing here. Second, we can understand simply where does the eventual profits will come from : for investors in ICN (their crypto stock) they will come from an eventual ICN price increase and dividends, for investors in the index it will grow along with it and the company itself will probably profit from fees, acting like a normal investment company, just restricted to cryptocurrencies in general. Also note that they plan to issue a Visa debit card for investors to withdraw their profits easily (with fees of course).

My opinion is that their plan is very interesting and that yes, they could become the “Uber” of finance and it would be great because I think that it can makes normal people, anywhere in the world, being able to invest very easily without dealing with all the hassles of a bank, I love the idea.
I still have concerns though concerning the legality of all of this. As you may know, laws can be very strict concerning those kind of investing and the ICO was available with Euro and US Dollars, that’s why I’ve invested only 8$ (I had some spare money in Circle). I might put more money later.
As usual with investing and especially in those kind of cutting edge services, be wary, be wise and do your research !
More information :  Unfortunately the ICO ended (I’m a bit late) but the information is still there.