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From the beginning of Bitcoin exchanges, the bank wire is the main way to get your hands on the cryptocurrency. There are plenty of services offering the bank wire option. But the important thing is to use an exchange that have a bank account in the same country as yours (domestic wire to pay as low fees as possible). I will try to stick with the most popular ones, listing by countries or banking areas.


The United States

Actually exchanges purely based in the US (with domestic wire accepted) are quite rare because of regulations. Sometimes they are available in certain states only, which makes it a bit tricky. The BTC/USD pair is the second most traded pair but most of the exchanges need an international SWIFT wire that is expensive

  • Coinbase : probably the most popular. They have a simple buy and sell service as well as an exchange more suited to traders. Sign up and get 10USD in Bitcoin !
  • itBit is a high-volume and well known exchange working in the US.
  • Gemini is an exchange provided by the Winklevoss twins.


SEPA area (Europe)

If you are in the SEPA area, good news ! You actually have the easiest way to buy Bitcoins with a bank wire for very, very cheap fees. Most of exchanges are accepting SEPA wires so you have plenty of choices. SEPA wires are as cheap and easy to do as domestic wires. Some banks will require more security steps though if you do it online.

  • Kraken is simply the most liquid exchange when it comes to the BTC/EUR pair (+700 000 eur/day), they are very well trusted and you can feel safe there. Non-SEPA european bank wire is also available.
  • Coinbase is also accepting a lot of European countries with SEPA wires. Sign up and get 10USD in Bitcoin !
  • BitStamp is a high volume Slovenia based exchange that accepts SEPA wires. They have been severely hacked one time but they are back with more security and it seems that users are still trusting it. Remember, never let too much money sleeping on exchanges. Euros sent are converted to USD.
  • Paymium is a France based exchange with a high security level and an official license from the EU.
  • Coinimal is a young Austria based direct-buying and selling service using bank transfers. Verify your account until the gold level (with ID, selfie etc.) and get 5 euros for free. SEPA and other bank wires services are accepted.
  • LakeBTC is available in the SEPA area (UK based account).
  • Gatecoin (Hong-Kong based exchange) has a SEPA transfer funding option. Decent volume.



Japan used to be the home of the famous defunct Mt.Gox exchange. After much hesitation, it is now a little “Bitcoin paradise” with startups trying to get their hands on the market. Remember that those companies (except Kraken and LakeBTC) are quite small and they are just beginning to operate.

  • Biflyer is probably the most “active” exchange, trying to promote Bitcoin in Japan. English available.
  • Coincheck got a high volume and I was impressed by their very straightforward approach. You don’t even need to get verified to buy there using a domestic bank wire (with a limit of 50 000 yens/day) and getting verified was done in 5 minutes, with no limit on what you can put on the exchange. English available (more broken than mine but it’s readable) .
  • Bitbank wallet allow to buy BTC with yen as well. No English available.
  • Kraken is the only western exchange to be available in Japan. The volume is low but still correct if you are not a big trader. Of course, English available !
  • Quoine is a Singapore based exchange and is offering local bank deposit option in Japan.
  • LakeBTC is one of the oldest Bitcoin exchange and decided to open its exchange in Japan.



Hong-Kong is becoming a Bitcoin Hot Spot but was recently exposed with a big Ponzi fraud perpetrated by  MyCoin exchange. Remember, if someone is promising you high rewards with no risk/efforts, it’s probably a Ponzi scheme.

  • ANXBtc is probably the exchange of choice right now in HK.
  • Gatecoin is a Hong-Kong based exchange. You can get 10$ credit after your first deposit if you use my link !



  • QuadrigaCX is the biggest exchange in Canada, offering various method of funding.
  • Taurus Exchange is a new Bitcoin exchange based in Vancouver. It seems to be already well trusted.


Mainland China
China is the country having the most volume in Bitcoin exchanges. But uncertainty remains about the government’s position. For the moment, the business is going on though. Also note that most of Chinese exchange don’t have trading fees. That’s why the volume is well bigger.

  • BTCChina is the place to go. The biggest exchange by volume in the world according to
  • Huobi is an other big Chinese exchange that can reasonably be trusted.
  • OkCoin is a Chinese exchange that is allowing leverage trading (up to 20x) . It means that you can try to play on the market with the value on 20 bitcoins, only with 1 bitcoin. Of course if you loose your initial investment, the exchange close automatically your position.
    Warning considering the BTER chinese exchange. They have been severely hacked one time. They are back but I’m not confident for the moment.
  • LakeBTC is working in China as well !



Global financial hub, Singapore is one of the leading countries to do business with Bitcoin. Probably competing for the first place with Hong-Kong, Tokyo or Seoul in being THE place to go for Bitcoin in Asia.


  • BX Thailand outdated interface but biggest volume in Thailand.


  • Unocoin position itself as the leading exchange in India.


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