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Do you prefer the good old cash ?

  • LocalBitcoins also have the possibility to buy with cash. There are two methods : cash deposit (I guess you need to use an ATM) or in-person, by meeting your dealer.
  • LibertyX is a service exclusive to the US that enable people to buy bitcoins for cash in stores.
  • Expresscoin is another startup allowing you to buy with cash (sorry the cash deposit option is disabled for the moment). There are other options such as USPS money order and check. Only in the US !
  • CoinMate have recently enabled a cash deposit system, with MoneyPolo as the method of payment. MoneyPolo is working in more than 100 countries, which is very interesting but CoinMate is refusing accounts from the United-States.
  • There is obviously another popular option to buy with cash, and it’s the Bitcoin ATM. A simple Google Map with all the ATM worlwide is provided by CoinDesk.


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