Invest your bitcoins

Bitcoin can be itself a speculative investment with a classic “buy and hold” strategy. While that could be working in the future since the currency is limited and thus based on a deflation model but hey, that is funnier to see some income earned passively (or almost passively) by investing it right ? I’ve found many legit business to invest in. It’s sometimes very hard to investigate because scammers are loving Bitcoin and we don’t want to invest in scams. The advantage of Bitcoin is that anyone can use it so it’s also really easy to put your money anywhere and let it work for you.

But let’s make things clear first, every investment involves risks and it’s even more true when the return is potentially big. With Bitcoin, you have no insurance (except with a few exchanges/services) and when it’s gone, it’s really gone (and I mean it). Treat it like cash. You need to really trust the website/business before investing any money. I’m doing the investigation job for you but I also encourage people to think by themselves before.

And it's gone meme.
No you really don’t want that.

Disclaimer : this website does not endorse or is linked with any service reviewed. It does not constitute a financial investment advice but can be used only as information. I can’t be held responsible for any loss encountered. Be careful and stay safe with your money.

Now that you have been warned here are the different ways to build an income with your bitcoins :