Getting shares of exchanges

There are a few exchanges that are willing to pay investors a percentage of the fees generated. While for the moment the payments are far from great, it’s a very simple way to create a completely passive income (but not insured though). You never know, those shares could be valuable if the exchange become very successful ! It’s kinda like any stock investment with dividends. Unless here it’s with cryptocurrency, so it’s much more simple, anonymous and 100% online.


Bleutrade is quite a new exchange that have a complete internal shares system. You can buy your shares and hold it while you’re promoting the exchange or trade your shares. While it’s looking like a stock, Bleutrade clearly states that it is NOT a stock. It’s based in Brazil and is an exchange focused on trading altcoins so there’s really tons of trading pairs but a few have a significant volume. For the moment, the payments are low since the exchange haven’t found yet a pair that could really skyrocket the volume. You can see the volume at coinmarketcap. I think they didn’t really invest into marketing their exchange and that’s why for the moment it is not really catching up. Another worry would be theit Bitcointalk topic, almost inactive, and a lack of news or upcoming developments, while new cryptocurrencies are still being added. The good thing is that I really like their interface as it is clear with just the information you need. In the future Bleutrade could expand into Brazil and Latin-America area. Oh and I forget : their exchange is in English.
I wouldn’t advise to put a lot of money into those shares, but it can be considered as a tool to eventually diversify your investments. Learn more about Bleutrade shares.

If I find more exchanges with that kind of program, I will update this page !

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