Other services I recommend.

Everything is not only about investing but also how to protect yourself with a good VPN or get your new website set up with a hosting provider that accept Bitcoin. Here are the services I can recommend to spend your earned bitcoins, hopefully with your own investments :

VPN and privacy services.

VPN became something very useful to change your ip in order to, for example, watch TV from a country while being abroad. Some people are using it to get Netflix everywhere as well. It’s kinda funny because VPN are needed to fully unlock the possibilities of the internet (nothing should be country restricted nowadays really).

A very good VPN service that accept Bitcoin is privateinternetaccess.com. Good and cheap service payable with Bitcoin, that’s nice !
Another good and well trusted service is TorGuard they also have for example a secured webmail to help remain hidden enough on the internet while Big Brother is watching everybody else (with Snowden, we know it too well now). One of the best service around.

Hosting services

Thinking about starting your own blog or website ? I’ve selected a few hosting services that offer plans payable with Bitcoin.

Namecheap is probably mostly well-known for its domain hosting service but also offers full website hosting. A recognized brand accepting Bitcoin !