[SCAM ALERT] investorbitcoin.com

I don’t have time to list all the Bitcoin Ponzi scheme around, but let’s talk about this one I’ve just found on a relatively well-known website : cryptocoinsnews.com.
I also have been warning several websites such as coinmarketcap.com that they are regularly advertising obvious bitcoin based scam websites but never had any answer.

Anyway, what makes this one special is the press release. I don’t know if the staff at CCN (cryptocoinsnews) are reading what they are publishing as “press releases” because frankly, looking only at the title was already screaming “SCAM !”. Because there’s never ever zero losses guarantee by any investment (yes even your saving account could be seized).
The first thing you need to look at when checking an “investment” website is where is the money coming from ? Because you need a way to make a profit. Sometimes these kind of Ponzi operations try to elaborate a complicated explanation but that’s not even the case here. Investorbitcoin.com is guaranteeing profits and that’s all you need to be happy with, OK ? Now give me your money I say.
Let’s check the whois domain… And another bingo, it’s private. I mean mine is private too but it’s because I run a simple website alone, not a company. If you have a legit company, there’s absolutely no reason to keep it private.
They don’t even give the CEO personal name or anything. Their address seems bogus (couldn’t find it on google maps).
Oh and something I forgot with the whois trick… Their domain has been registered very recently while they claim to be around since 2013 !
Of course they promise you absolutely huge returns such as 200% in 15 days.

To conclude, investorbitcoin.com is a blatant scam that don’t even try to trick you. And I’d like Bitcoin news websites to look a little more at what they advertise, because that’s also the credibility of the image of Bitcoin itself that is severely damaged.