SearchTrade : get money for your Google searches and invest in keywords.

It’s been a while since I wanted to introduce you to, an Indian startup that want to revolutionize web searching by sharing revenues between users, investors but also developers.

I really think that the “revenue sharing” model is extremely interesting and its potential is way bigger when dealing with Bitcoin and the freedom to transact with it on the Web. is working on a simple model, it generates advertising revenue and reward people who do searches (because they generate an amount of money just by searching) but also investors who have invested in keywords. Keywords investing is an interesting idea, as it was a good way for SearchTrade to get funds and investors are getting a small but 100% passive income when their keyword is searched. Overall, the system described works, as long as advertisers use the platform.
Developers are also rewarded by including SearchTrade into their application or website.
You can also watch this introduction video :

I think it’s a very good idea, but at the moment, while the website has known quite a nice growth for a while, it seems to have stopped its progression, despite the fact that I think people wouldn’t hate to get a few satoshis for their daily searches ! The only downside is that you have to register and login to get paid. It can act as a nice Bitcoin faucet, and if you believe in the project you can buy a keyword hoping the site will get bigger (I’m sure it does have the potential).
Many search engines are available (Google, Bing, Youtube…). Don’t hesitate to try it, you’ll just get paid.
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