Supload, the next Bitcoin enabled Imgur ?



Just after writing about SearchTrade, a meta search engine that rewards you with bitcoins, got released.
It’s about the same principle as SearchTrade : users create value and deserve their own small share of the pie of money they contribute to generate.
You probably know about Imgur or giphy, two services that are extremely popular for sharing images on social networks (Imgur even became a social network on its own), such as Reddit. Well, Supload decided that it should share the advertisements profits with the users, as they are bringing views to the website and what’s better than the currency of the internet to do that ?

You can see how Bitcoin is really useful for online services like this. It is much smoother than using Paypal or other popular way to transfer money online.
Let’s say you’re just a user that frequently share “memes” or other funny stuff on social networks, Supload will reward you for the views your image get (when you link directly to their website). I can also imagine amateur photographers sharing their work and liking the return they get, just for doing what they like.
Images sharing services aren’t too much centralized, unlike video services like Youtube, who’s pretty much in a situation of monopoly at this point (the other websites are filling niches such as creative oriented for Vimeo). Images are light enough so the infrastructure required isn’t as costly as would be a Youtube-like.
I’m strongly in favor of rewarding active users of social networks, even if it could create problems such a spams and trying to get views from robots to get quick profits (a problem frequently encountered by any advertisements network anyway). still has a long way to go until it becomes as popular as it’s direct concurrent, Imgur. But I personally hope that users will be switching gradually, seeing that their daily use of the internet can be rewarded and that they deserve their share as simply as possible.